Welcome to the Vermont State Treasurer's Office

I hope our web site provides you with an interesting and useful look at the Office of the State Treasurer. Our office serves as the State’s banker and chief investment officer, accounting for the receipt and disbursement of public funds, short and long-term debt management, investment of state funds, administration of three retirement systems and pension funds, collecting and returning unclaimed financial property to rightful owners, improving the financial literacy of Vermonters, and advising state policymakers on various fiscal and policy issues.

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Treasurer's Focus

VPIC Minutes & Sub-Committee

Find updated materials and recordings of the VPIC ESG Sub-Committee information

Financial Transparency 

This page organizes, in one location, ten items that the National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers (NASACT) recommend that state government provide for interim disclosure. More

GASB Web Resources 

Accounting and financial administrators can learn more about changes in GASB standards. More

State Treasurer's Office Sustainability Report

Update on environmental, social and governance issues and actions to address climate change. More












We Strive to:

Give Vermont taxpayers an excellent value.

To provide highly competent investment and funds management; and initiative and creativity with regard to either maximizing returns on investments or achieving maximum savings without compromising other office objectives.

Offer the best customer service possible.

To understand customer needs, provide a timely and appropriate response, and a proactive approach to solving problems.

Deliver the highest quality operational services.

We pursue operating practices within the office that utilize valuable resources efficiently.

Create a productive employee work environment.

We encourage teamwork, foster a satisfied and motivated staff, and an appropriate set of core objectives and values.